Excellence in Asset Management

We stand at the frontier of a historic transition of the Australian energy market. Blueshore aims to enable and accelerate this transformation through provision of comprehensive commercial, technical and financial asset management services, driving performance and compliance for the renewable energy sector.

Asset management

With a comprehensive asset management scope of services, based on a 360 degrees service strategy, Blueshore’s team delivers comprehensive technical, commercial and financial monitoring and compliance services to renewable energy projects. We ensure your project achieves operational, regulatory and contractual compliance while seeking to enhance the project performance by increasing production and revenues and reducing operating costs.


During, and after, the acquisition process of greenfield and brownfield assets, Blueshore’s qualified and experienced team provides support to investors and site owners to assess the quality of a project both at the site and through detailed documentation review. Our monitoring system and diagnostics facilitate a detailed understanding of plant performance and contractual compliance

Blueshore’s team values define, not only the excellence of the service provided, but also the company commitment towards a bigger purpose — building a more sustainable future.

Mike Rand

About Blueshore

Blueshore’s team is led by experienced professionals with an extensive commercial, technical and financial asset management track record in the renewable energy sector. Our capabilities cover a wide range of areas, including project development, investment, engineering, and technical asset management.